HTML Symbols Codes that you don’t know in HTML

html symbol codes

HTML symbols are small chunks of HTML often known as entity codes or characters and can be used to display characters that have a specific meanings in HTML and also characters that aren’t displayed at all on the keyboard.

Numerous mathematical, technical and currency symbols aren’t present on the normal keyboard.

To include these symbols in any HTML webpage, you must utilize the entity’s name or the number (a decimal or a hexadecimal code) to represent the symbol.

I recommend to you use hexadecimal code.

Characters that don’t appear on normal keyboard to write or include things such as the copyright symbol (©) and the mathematical value pi (π).

If we would like to use these characters or HTML symbols inside an HTML document and then have them appear in a browser, we make use of HTML reference to characters.

Below is a complete listing of the characters that you can you to use within your HTML. Certain characters are reserved in HTML. The reserved characters in HTML should be replaced by characters.

Characters that have a special meaning in HTML are known as reserved characters. For instance right (<) and right (>) Angle brackets have been reserved by HTML to distinguish the tags that open and close of elements.

HTML Symbols – Common

© &#xa9; &copy;copyright icon
®<pre>®</pre>&reg;registered sign
&#9813;&#9813;white chess king
“♔”black chess king
“★”&starf;black star
“♠”&spades;black spade suit
“♣”&clubs;black club suit
“♥”&hearts;black heart suit
“♦”&diams;black diamond suit
§“§”&sect;section sign
“℃”Celsius degree
“℉”Fahrenheit degree
“¶”&para;paragraph sign

HTML Math symbols & entities

“≠”&ne;Not equal
±“±”&plusmn;Plus or minus
“∀”&forall;For all
“∃”&exist;There exists
µ“&‌#xB5;”&micro;micro sign
¼“&‌#xBC;”&frac14;fraction one quarter
½“&‌#xBD;”&frac12;fraction one half
¾“&‌#xBE;”&frac34;fraction three quarters
¿“¿”&iquest;inverted question mark
Σ“∑”&Sigma;sigma sign
Ω“Ω”&Omega;omega sign
α“α”&alpha;alpha sign
β“β”&beta;beta sign
γ“γ”&gamma;gamma sign
δ“δ”&delta;delta sign
“√”&radic;radical sign=square root
“∝”&prop;proportional to
“∧”&and;logical and = wedge
“∨”&or;logical or = vee
“∩”&cap;intersection = cap
“∪”&cup;union = cup
“≅”&cong;approximately equal to
“≡”&equiv;identical to
“≤”&le;less-than or equal to
“≥”&ge;greater-than or equal to
“⊂”&sub;subset of
“⊃”&sup;superset of
“⊄”&nsub;not a subset of

HTML currency symbols

“₩”Korean won
฿“฿”Thai baht

There are many unusual and rare symbols exists, for that you can go to w3org. To make HTML page more attractive you can add marquee tag in html.

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