Difference Between Effect and Affect

Difference between affect and effect

Affect v/s Effect

Most of you get confused between “affect and effect” . These two words are the most commonly confusing words in the English language. Let’s understand the difference between the two and learn with a few interesting examples. Different spellings with different meaning but same pronunciation

Affect : as a verb

Affect is a verb  that means “to act on or change someone or something,” as in “The change will affect everyone.”  We use affect as a verb, an action word which shows something happening. In a simple way we can say it means to influence or produce a change. 

Let’s learn through some examples:

  • COVID-19 affected the lives of everyone globally. 
  • The Obe system is affecting the knowledge of children. 
  • Try to control your decisions which affect your mental health. 

Effect: as a noun

Effect is a noun which means a change that results when something is done or happens, or a particular feeling or mood created by something.

In a simple way we can conclude that a change that is caused by something or a result is called effect. 

Let’s clarify through some examples:

  • The side effects of the medicine were very bad. 
  • How does the artist create the effect of moonlight?
  • The effect of acid rain on the lakes and forests was terrible. 

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